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PUBLIC NOTICE: 2023 Delineation Map and Treatment

31 May 2023 10:43 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Communicating this notice to our lake community is part of the due diligence required to obtain a signature waiver per the DNR permit approval process.

RCWD provided their annual delineation map to us today that was conducted on May 26.  Heavy EAW growth was identified on the western side of the lake and will be targeted for weed treatment.  

We will be contracting with Lake Management Inc and will determine a treatment date contingent on permit approval, which we intend to procure ASAP. 

If you desire that the treatment not occur adjacent to your property, please contact us at with your address and we'll inform the treatment company.  

Separately: RCWD's spring carp management efforts will be wrapping up soon.  We’re on track to remove only 2500 carp this year, down from ~14,000/yr in recent years.  The reason: The carp population is significantly lower this year.  Removing 2500 still meets our goal of at least 50% (we think we’ve removed more like 60-70% this year).  We’re hoping to see some improvements in water clarity very soon.


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