New Brighton, MN ~ Ramsey County

Long Lake is part of the Rice Creek Watershed, which drains 100,000 acres of urban and suburban land.  We are one of the last lakes that water flows into prior to making its way to the Mississippi.  With this inflow, we won't have low lake level issues like Whitebear and Turtle, however, maintaining water quality over such a vast surface area is a challenge and it's important to collaborate with Rice Creek Watershed District (RCWD) and Ramsey County Conservation District in this process.  

Long has three primary water inflows:

  1. County Road Ditch #4 - South Bay by the landing we receive water from Lake Johanna and then into Ferrell's Lake (on the east side of 35W south of 694).  The water flows under 35W just south of 694 into a holding pond on the SW corner of 35W & 694.  From there it travels into a slough behind the Community Center and then through a ditch to Long Lake.
  2. County Road Ditch #2 - South Bay by the point, we receive water from Pike Lake. This includes water from Silver Lake and Poplar lakes which flows through Hanson Park Pond and into Pike Lake.  Hanson Park Pond is going through a remediation effort to filter phosphorous through an Iron Sand Filter before moving onto Pike and Long Lake.  
  3. Rice Creek - You'll notice the water clarity is much different in the North Bay due to Rice Creek.  Starting at Rice Lake in Lino Lakes, Rice Creek flows through multiple lakes and cities before making it to Long Lake and it's final 8 mile decent to the Mississippi.  Note that Whitebear Lake drains into Long Lake via Hardwood Creek.  
Storm Water runoff also enters Long Lake from the streets.  More info and maps can be found on the City of New Brighton - Storm Water page.

RCWD and RCD are the primary stewards of the water that flows through Long Lake and their sites contains great resources and information on projects that are underway to improve upstream waters to Long Lake.  
Long Lake Improvement Association of New Brighton, Inc is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.  All dues are utilized towards water quality, safety, and education. Please email us at with questions, comments, or suggestions.  
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