New Brighton, MN ~ Ramsey County

If anyone has more accurate stats prior to 2015-2016 please email us at

2022-2023Dec ?4/12After a very snowy winter and cold spring, the ice went on on April 12th based on a string of 70-80 degree days.
2021-2022Dec ?4/11
2020-2021?Late March
2019-202012/23/30The lake froze early November due to unseasonably cold temps, but opened back up at the end of the month. The lake skinned over Dec 2nd and it stayed frozen for the season.
2017-201812/124/30After a few attempts at freeze overs after Thanksgiving that opened up with warmer weather, the lake froze over for the winter on December 12. We had a cold winter which included a blizzard delivering 20" of snow on April 14 resulting in a late ice out.
2016-201712/83/7After a warm Feb and Mar the lake opened on Mar 7. Cooler weather in March resulted in the lake freezing over again mid March for a week.
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