New Brighton, MN ~ Ramsey County

The Long Lake Boat Launch can be accessed via Beach Road, which intersects Long Lake Road just north of 694.  Google Map: Long Lake Boat Launch

If you plan to leave your car/trailer at the launch, there must be a trailer parking spot available.  If there is not a spot you must wait until someone vacates a spot.  Trailer parking is not allowed on surrounding streets or in the park.  The purpose of this is to help control the number of boats on the lake at a given time.  The Lake Monitor helps manage this on weekends and holidays.

Parking is as follows:

12 Car/Trailer Parking Spots:

  • 5 spots for boats over 25 HP
  • 5 spots for boats 25 HP and under
  • 1 spot reserved for the Sheriff
  • 1 spot reserved for handicapped

39 Car Parking Spots:

  • 6 Car Top Boat spots (for canoe/kayaks)
  • 29 regular parking spots
  • 4 Handicap Parking
The launch has two docks for temporary parking while launching, one of which is reserved for the Lake Monitor.

The launch also has a public fishing pier and restroom facilities.

No swimming is allowed in the launch area.

More details will be forthcoming about the landing, including parking and launch rules.  

Long Lake Improvement Association of New Brighton, Inc is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.  All dues are utilized towards water quality, safety, and education. Please email us at with questions, comments, or suggestions.  
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