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Due to the prolific growth of milfoil and permitting process, LLIA will not be able to provide individual treatment.  One month a lake owner may have no weeds, and the next month they may have a substantial amount.  Home and easement owners will need to consider individual treatment options to maintain their shoreline for swimming and other recreation. 

Under Minnesota law, aquatic plants growing in public waters are the property of the State.  Please review the MN DNR Aquatic Plant Regulations for more information.  

If you'd like to have this commercially performed, please contact Lake Restoration or another Commercial Aquatic Applicator.  These companies will apply for a permit on your behalf and take care of the herbicide application.  

However, if you want to do this yourself, below is the process.


The purpose of MN DNR Aquatic Plant Management Unit (MN DNR APM) is to issue permits that allow reasonable access to a waterbody while balancing the need to conserve aquatic habitat.  Evidence of recreational use of the lakeshore (dock, swimming beach, canoe/kayak) needs to be present when a property is inspected.  An inspection occurs after a permit application is submitted and the permit fee has been paid.  The size of the treatment area permitted depends entirely on conditions observed on site plus the amount of shoreline owned.  A site specific treatment area is authorized for each property in a MN DNR APM permit.  

A permit is NOT needed for cutting or hand pulling weeds in an area smaller than 2,500 square feet, but if you want to use herbicides you'll need a permit.

Owners can apply for a permit with the DNR to treat their lakeshore via the Minnesota DNR Permitting and Reporting System.  It takes about 15 minutes to apply for the permit and here's what you'll need:

  • Create an MPARS account and begin the permitting process ~ MPARS Directions.
  • Treatment Area Size: You'll be asked for the treatment area size.  Treatment area cannot be larger then 2,500 sq feet, or a 50'X50' area.
  • Upload Image of Treatment Area: Provide an image of your property for upload with the treatment area shown.  See example above
  • Herbicide Used: You'll be asked for the type of herbicide you'll use to treat the weeds.  Here's a list of approved herbicides.  The DNR will approve that you're using the right herbicide upon inspection.  I've had good luck with Aquacide which you can buy in White Bear Lake ~ see my forum post: Aquacide Weed Treatment.
Within a week of applying for your permit, you will be contacted to pay for permit fees and from there an inspection will be scheduled and a DNR representative will visit onsite to consult you on the treatment plan.  

Once you have a permit, it can be renewed for another season.  This is the quick way to request exactly what you were permitted for in the past, or even request minor changes such as treatment dimension.


  • Permit: $35
  • Herbicide: Approximately $100 (10-15 pound of Aquacide will provide a single treatment and can be purchased at Aquacide in White Bear Lake)
For more information please email us at or reach out to Rob Dodd, Aquatic Plant Management Specialist, 651-259-5816,
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