New Brighton, MN ~ Ramsey County

Board Members are elected at the Annual Meeting, which usually occurs in April/May.  The Board Members then meet and select the officers for the year, which happened on June 8, 2022.  

2022/2023 Officers:

  • President: John Broghammer
  • Vice President: Sam Hickman
  • Secretary: Jennifer Tenenbaum
  • Treasurer: Cheri Isiminger

2022/2023 Board Members:

  1. John Broghammer
  2. Caroline Beckman
  3. Sherry Isiminger
  4. Leon Kline
  5. Jason Scott
  6. Paul Eck
  7. Wayne Eck
  8. Adam Eck
  9. Sam Hickman
  10. Jennifer Tenenbaum
  11. Gail Hain
  12. Bridget Ardoyno
  13. Dana Johnson

2022/2023 Executive Committee Chairs:

  • Member Engagement: Bridget Ardoyno
  • Water Quality: Jennifer Tenenbaum
  • Public Safety: Caroline Beckman
Long Lake Improvement Association of New Brighton, Inc is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.  All dues are utilized towards water quality, safety, and education. Please email us at with questions, comments, or suggestions.  
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