New Brighton, MN ~ Ramsey County

Does water on the streets and from our yards run into the lake?  You bet it does!  Lawn chemicals, road salt, and otherwise goes through our storm water management systems, into Long Lake, and onto the Mississippi.  Since Long Lake is the collection point from multiple sources, it harbors runoff from a large area of the watershed.

The City of New Brighton provides a ton of great info on their website at Storm Water in New Brighton, including who is responsible for what (City, County, or RCWD) and detailed maps of the sewer/gutter systems that drain into the lake.  However, we'll need to dig deeper since Rice Creek, County Ditch #2, and County Ditch #4 provide inflows from the cities of Lino Lakes, Whitebear Lake, Moundsview, Shoreview, Roseville, St. Anthony, and others. 

Long Lake Improvement Association of New Brighton, Inc is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.  All dues are utilized towards water quality, safety, and education. Please email us at with questions, comments, or suggestions.  
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